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CoPilot Overview
CoPilot Overview

Welcome to CoPilot Live Cyprus, the multi-award winning turn-by-turn sat nav app that runs on your iOS or Android mobile device with digital street maps of Cyprus (Geomatic Maps™) with LIFETIME FREE MAPS UPDATES!!! 


Combining advanced navigation technology with breakthrough design simplicity, CoPilot Live Premium Cyprus guides you where you need to go by the way that suits you best.
Featuring unique new routing features and a completely redesigned, interactive user interface that makes navigation features more accessible and useful - CoPilot Live Premium Cyprus puts all the features you need for accurate navigation, right at your fingertips


  Tap, Discover, Go!

Tap anywhere on the map to navigate there, discover location-specific information or share your journeys with friends.
Personal Routes

CoPilot Live Premium helps you find your best way to any destination with a choice of up to three alternate routes, displaying journey time and mileage for each. Fine-tuning the route is easy: simply drag the route or destination to the preferred street you wish to take or navigate to.
Social Navigation

Stay connected while you travel. Share your journey details with friends through Facebook Places check-ins and in-app Twitter updates. Search Wikipedia or Bing Local Search from within the app to find even more places nearby to go!
  Superior Guidance

On the road, CoPilot Lives sleek dashboard-style map display provides clear, non-distracting directions. Lane Assist arrows, real signpost information and realistic ClearTurn™ display make navigating complex junctions effortless. An all-new walking mode makes it easy to find the way around a city on-foot nearby to go!


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